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Third Party Administration
third party operations administration
  • Team-based
    Approach to Improve

  • Business Process
    Outsourcing (BPO)
    Flexible and Scalable

  • Call Center, Claims, and
    Payment Processing
    TPA Services


With PPi You Can

Improve Administrative Cost and Quality

  • Achieve higher
    auto-adjudication and
    first-pass rates

  • Reduce claims rework and turnaround time

  • Make documents
    and authorizations easily accessible online

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The PPi team consists of dedicated, experienced staff in claims payment and processing, including specialists in customer service. Our comprehensive Business Process Out-sourcing (BPO) services give your team options to lower administrative cost and improve quality.

Our Third Party Administrator (TPA) services provide claims processing software and services to help you improve claims turn-around time and payment accuracy.

Connect with senior-level professionals with extensive experience implementing, upgrading and managing the administrative side of care management.

  • Access to robust, reliable and cost effective claims processing and payment services 
  • Team-based approach to improving operational quality
  • Our professional staff works with you to streamline processes and ensure compliance 
  • Complete support for electronic and paper claim data entry, imaging, enrollment services, customer service and call center management