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third party operations administration

Familiar MS-Outlook like user interface for managing tasks, alerts and other assignments generated through CareCompass workflows.

third party operations administration

Powerful support for managing service authorizations including full capability to stop or suspend services.

third party operations administration

Completely user definable assessments that integrated with CareCompass workflow for staff assignments and alert

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Care Compass

At PPi, we understand that you want to provide the most effective and comprehensive care for your members while optimizing your work flow and remaining efficient. Care Compass is a fully integrated, long-term care management system that meets Medicaid and Medicare requirements. Care Compass is completely customizable and optimized to meet the needs of your members.

  • Fully supports a member focused, team-based model of care
  • Identify and retrieve the information you need to manage members’ accounts, including Google Maps and directions
  • Offers fully customizable assessments and integrated real-time reporting
  • Screen layout, support pathways and permissions customizable based on your model of care
  • Easy to manage interface for care managers, administrators, providers and members
  • Define, create and manage member goals, issues, interventions and outcomes
  • Ad hoc reporting available in every module
  • Software conversion and integration services for your existing platforms

Care Compass houses seven main navigational modules that are broken down into the areas you need most when managing your members’ long term care.

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The intake and enrollment feature in Care Compass allows you to easily manage enrollment events, marketing leads, member and prospect information, enter notes, attach documents and more.

  • 'Map this Location' makes it easy to locate a member's residence and helps you navigate the best route to plan your visit
  • Easy to administer contact management system helps eliminate duplicates
  • Assign formal and informal team supports
  • Enter medical information, health history and insurance information manually or integrate from an outside source
  • Receive and manage batch file updates to enrollment and eligibility status
Care Management
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Your job centers are ensuring that members have access to the support and care they need to manage their health conditions. The heart of the Care Compass software is the Care Management module.

  • Manage current and previous encounters
  • Smart search feature allows you to search for members by what their name sounds like or how you think it is spelled
  • Saves a history of all your previous member look-ups, making it easy to find who you recently talked with and when
  • Customizable toolbar with the important information you want at your finger tips
  • Flip through member records and update information via shortcuts 
  • Identify a member’s primary, secondary and tertiary diagnosis and flag as high-risk when appropriate
  • Easily search by diagnosis
Care Planning
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The way to ensure your members receive the best care is to have an understanding of their diagnosis and the path they have gone down to manage their health conditions.

  • Integrate member goals, issues, interventions and outcomes
  • Team-based outcome and measurement focus
  • Flag barriers to help identify member's goals
  • Schedule rehabilitation and manage durable medical equipment requests
  • Track and view care management team schedules and tasks
  • Manage and track interventions
  • Integrate with a member’s insurance plan
  • Administer authorizations and track with claims processing
Member Service Planning
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To ensure your members are provided with the best possible care, the ability to track and manage their service plans is crucial.

  • Use assessment responses to build an effective care plan
  • Easy-to-read calendar feature makes it simple to view the care plan
  • Emergency preparedness including hospital reporting
  • Standard and customizable questions to be asked in an emergency situation
  • Ability to build any tracking, treatment, diagnosis to customize member assessments
  • HIPAA 5010 compliant
  • Standard and customizable individual and batch letters for member correspondences
Provider Management
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Maintaining a solid relationship with a provider team is the foundation to ensure your members are provided with the health care they need to manage their medical conditions.

  • Track and communicate effectively with your member’s provider team
  • Review medical appointment history and provider communications
  • Track provider demographics with hierarchal relationship to member
  • Manage provider credentialing
  • Review contract and pricing information
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The workflow module of Care Compass is where it all comes together.

  • Comprehensive and effective support for team-based care management pathways
  • Assessment and service plan-based logic
  • Conditional branching and alerts based on assessment or encounter responses
  • Inbox interface similar to Microsoft Outlook enhances end-user readability
  • Enter, manage and update care management team tasks
  • Assign and delegate tasks to specific team members
  • Integrated productivity reporting 
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Because coordinating members care with providers is complex, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date and accurate health insurance information is imperative.

  • Manage each member's claim status so that you remain informed on their payment status
  • Coordinate team communication between care managers, provider services and accounting
  • Medical authorization processing and tracking
  • Review claims process, resolution and payment posting