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Productive Programming
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PPi Timeline

  • 2018

    TPA Services for
    PACE Programs

    Care Compass for
    Programs of All-Inclusive
    Care for the Elderly

  • 2016

    TPA Services for

    Care Compass for
    Special Needs Health Plans

  • 2015

    PPi Moves to Verona, WI

  • 2013

    TPA Services for
    MLTC Agencies

  • 2010

    Medicaid Encounter

  • 2008

    Care Compass for
    Managed Long Term
    Care Agencies

  • 2005

    Reporting Engine

  • 2002

    Consulting Services
    to Medicare and
    Medicaid Plan

  • 1998

    Consulting Services to Mental Health Center

productive programming inc CEO

"I have a passion for software development and have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best in the business. We are excited by the mission of our customers' organizations and have always driven our product design with their business requirements in mind. When our company began consulting for community health organizations, I realized that this area of health care was underserved by industry and needed better solutions to support quality care management and compliant, high quality operations.  

Throughout the last several years it has been my goal to provide the highest functioning, fully integrated software solutions for community health organizations as well as offer operational and back-office support.  That passion is and always will be the foundation of PPi and the Care Compass software. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly about how we can help you serve your members efficiently and effectively."

Eric Ripp, PPi CEO and founder

Built on Passion
and Dedication

The foundation of Productive Programming, Inc. (PPi) is built upon the passion and dedication we have for helping you create the best care management program for your members. You are passionate about helping others and we want to provide the support your program requires to thrive. PPi offers Care Compass, integrated and customizable software, to help administer your team-based, long-term care management services.

PPi offers back-office support and services to provide solutions to real business issues, including compliance with federal mandates, state regulations, and technical requirements for system integration and information architecture. Our goal is to offer the service and products you need that allow you to deliver the most comprehensive service to your members.

At PPi, we understand your business and we look forward to working with you to provide exceptional products and customer service.

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